Air suspension systems for motorhomes

Air Suspension Systems

Smoother Rides, Safer Drives: Upgrade Your RV with Air Suspension!

Give your motorhome the ultimate comfort and safety boost with a premium air suspension system. We offer top brands like VB-Airsuspension, Goldschmitt, and AS-Suspension.

Here's what you get:

  • Cloud-like comfort: Enjoy a level ride, no matter the road. Bumps and shakes disappear!
  • Drive with confidence: Improved stability means better control for a safer journey.
  • Go anywhere: Easily adjust your height for uneven terrain or campsite leveling.
  • Save money: Air suspension reduces wear and tear on tires and brakes, lasting longer and saving fuel.

Edvardo Servisas: Your Air Suspension Experts

We're the official dealer for VB-Airsuspension, Goldschmitt, and AS-Suspension in Lithuania. Our experts will install the perfect system for your RV, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe ride.

Contact us today and experience the air suspension difference!

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