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Planning a motorhome trip around Lithuania? Stop by our motorhome repair workshop for a professional inspection and service. We offer competitive prices and comfortable lounge areas for your convenience during the service.

Motorhome and caravan repairs
Motorhome and caravan services
Motorhome and caravan repairs in Lithuania
All motorhome repair services in one place

Our Services

Motorhome Repairs

Comprehensive motorhome body repair and painting services. Glass repair and dent removal.

Suspension Systems

Installation of pneumatic air suspension and leveling systems for motorhomes and caravan homes on wheels.

Electrical Installation

Various electrical installation works, installation of solar panels.

Air Conditioning Systems

Repair and installation of roof and ducted air conditioners.

Gas and Heating

Installation of gas cylinders with valves and pressure gauges. Repair of heaters and other gas appliances.

Motorhome Maintenance

Comprehensive motorhome maintenance services in Lithuania. From anti-corrosion undercoating to carpet fabrication.

Insurance Events

Management of motorhome insurance events in Lithuania. Management of insurance claims in the event of a traffic accident.

Camper Van Conversion

Conversion of minibuses into motorhomes. Installation of pop-up roofs. Manufacturing of retractable kitchens and other furniture.

We represent the most reliable motorhome equipment suppliers in Europe, so we can offer not only a good price but also quality.

Our Partners

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Imagine a place where art meets technology, where professionalism is a standard, and attention to detail is mastery. Let us introduce "Edvardo servisas," our reliable partner in servicing campers and caravans in the heart of Lithuania.

"Edvardo servisas" is not just servicing; it's art. The masters who service your camper are professionals in their field, who care for your vehicle with love and skill, ensuring your journey is comfortable and safe.
At "Edvardo servisas," we understand that your time is precious. Therefore, our work is always conducted promptly and efficiently so that we can get back to adventures on wheels faster.

It's pleasant to note that special conditions and discounts are available for members of our Latvian Caravan Club. Because for all of us, it's not just a status, it's a special bond and trust that we value.

President of Latvia camper club
Julija Kirse
President of Latvia Campers Club

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