Repair of motorhome and caravan walls using vacuum technology

Motorhome Wall Repair

With the help of modern vacuum systems, we repair torn or dented walls of motorhomes and caravans on wheels. Using patented technology from the Danish manufacturer "HBC system," we can quickly and effectively restore the original appearance of damaged walls.

Normally, damaged wall panels (often the entire side of the vehicle) would need to be replaced with new ones, which is costly and time-consuming. Therefore, with the assistance of vacuum systems, we can offer you a fast and economical solution for repairing damaged walls.

With the help of vacuum systems, we repair wall dents, deep scratches, and holes.

How does this system work?

During the specialised repair process, using a patented vacuum tool, templates, and a casting form, an accurate replica of the surface design is made on the undamaged part of the panel. Then, the cast form is transferred to the damaged area, where a special filler is injected, leaving a surface structure that precisely matches the original panel. Once the material hardens, the edges are sanded, and the entire repaired area is primed and painted.