Who We Are?

JSC "Edvardo Servisas" is one of the largest automotive service centers in the Žemaitija region, established in Mažeikiai in 1994. The founder of the automotive service center, Edvardas Lukavičius, and a team of responsible specialists have been successfully repairing various vehicles for over twenty years, employing their professionalism and equipment updated annually to meet the highest technology standards. Currently, more than 40 qualified specialists work in the rapidly growing company.

Interesting facts

30 years of experience

Our qualified specialists have extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of cars, minibuses, motorhomes, and trucks.

Class A leader

The company has been certified as a Class A leader in its size category and sector for 5 consecutive years.

Wide range of services

The service center provides repair and maintenance services for cars, minibuses, motorhomes, and trucks, and conducts online sales of motorhome spare parts and accessories.