Conversion of minibuses into motorhomes

Camper Van Conversion

Minibus to dream mobile!

We turn minibuses, big or small, into awesome campervans. New or used, we can build it!

Pick your style from our catalog of furniture, materials, and fabrics. We use fancy German folding furniture, cool appliances, pop-up roofs, and everything you need for comfy adventures.

Make the most of your space! We design efficient layouts for all your travel needs.

Ready for freedom on wheels? Get a free quote today! Let's build your perfect adventure van!

Camper Van Conversion

Conversion of minibuses into motorhomes

Our Services: 

  • Installation of pop-up roofs and beds for all brands of minibuses;
  • Manufacturing and installation of retractable (SlidePods) kitchens and other furniture;
  • Trade in conversion kits for minibuses into motorhomes;
  • Installation of electrical wiring;
  • Installation of gas and water systems.

JSC "Edvardo Servisas" is an official seller of REIMO equipment and accessories in Lithuania.

JSC "Edvardo Servisas" is a certified representative of the German company REIMO, capable of professionally performing the following motorhome installation works in Lithuania:

  • Installation of pop-up roofs;
  • Assembly and installation of REIMO kitchen furniture.

Traveling with vehicles equipped and prepared by our team will become easier and much more comfortable!